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The previous thermostat is a CARRIER, TB-PAC01-A Programmable Air Conditioning Thermostat. Heat feature that has kicked in on a couple occasions in the past year automatically. Then the thermostat body is screwed in place. The simplest setup for a heating system is a two-wire thermostat. To understand the problem, I will describe the previous thermostat and the current thermostat that I want to install. If I hook up the matching colours I can get everything except my heat on, which with it being October I’d love to get it running. Here is a link to a good Honeywell thermostat installation YouTube video: I hope you can figure it out. Most of the new thermostats require a 5th common wire. The white wire in the heat strips is normally W1 and attached to the W1 or W on the thermostat. Hi Mark! If the thermostat does not require a C common wire (the neutral side of the transformer) then you could just use the 2 wires. Most of the time R to Y controls the outdoor AC contactor. Steve. Hi Mark! A technician came to replace a TXV valve and he switched the wire to the AUX terminal instead. The other compressor wire goes to the ‘Y’ terminal. I have the following situation: I have a single stage Heat Pump. When I turned the braker back on and turned the switch on the thermostat to “Heat” the heat will go and keeps going even when the temperature went passed the set point. The thermostat instructions call for a red power wire, a yellow, green, and white wire. If you have any questions please let me know. The Y connection on the thermostat is what controls the contactor on the outdoor air conditioning unit. I was about to replace my thermostat and found that the yellow wire was connected to the “y” post on the thermostat, but it is connected to the “c” post on the control board on the furnace. It looks like you have everything pretty much wired right other than I would think you would need to leave the R and Rc wires jumped and the “O” orange wire controls the reversing valve. I believe the thermostat was about $140. Steve, My current thermostat doesn’t have a C wire and I want to replace it with a wifi thermostat that needs a C wire. I hope the thermostat works well for you. With 6 wires it sounds like you have a heat pump. The model number for our Sensi thermostat is 1F86U-42WF. Steve, I recently switched my thermostat with the nest. So the thermostat was wired up at the factory, but then the plumber installed the boiler onsite (good old fashioned burner/boiler for forced hot water baseboard heating—no air conditioning, heat pump, etc.). What does that mean? I hope you can easily find and solve the problem. Thanks! If this is hooked up wrong it could burn up the thermostat and many low voltage controls. Usually the W (white wire) controls the (electric heat) or gas valve and the Y wire (yellow) usually controls the outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit. I am so sorry, but this is too complex for me to comment. Whether you need furnace ignitors, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, or another kind of HVAC merchandise, we want to serve you. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Thermostat for LG DLE3733W No heat or not enough heat … Hi Matt! I will follow your directions faithfully. There should be instructions that came with your new thermostat that explain how to change the “O/B” terminal to energize the reversing valve in the heating mode if you have a Rheem or Ruud unit. I hope you can get the wiring figured out and corrected. We purchased it from Home Depot and it does not require the C wire to run. I have no idea why the green wire is attached to Y2 on the thermostat. I hope that you find an easy inexpensive solution. Just trying to figure out where that bridge went to. Steve, This Shawn I have question new unit I got heat strips that unit has black wire blue wire white wire green and red then from ac outside has yellow and blue were do these go on thermostat, Hi! If I advise you wrong I could burn up many of your controls and cause lots of damage. The thermostat is like a light switch and switches on and off between the red power wire and other wires on the thermostat. Steve. I have a honeywell TH1110DV1009 thermostat. White controls the heat on the W terminal and Yellow controls the outdoor unit’s contactor to make the AC come on and is on the Y terminal. Who knows. Oh, and then I tried to put the old one back on and it didn’t work! Steve. Rule of thumb colors for the wires are: R (red) power wire from the hot side of the furnace’s transformer. After taping with electrical tape I would recommend stuffing it back behind the thermostat out of the way of other wires. Many times contractors will run 8 to 10 wire thermostat cable and there are 3 or 4 extra wires that will not be connected to anything. 1-16 of 289 results for "2 wire heat only thermostat" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Do you have any idea what is happening here? Most of the time you will need to use a jumper between R and RC so the air conditioner will work. the old thermostat has a R and Y hook up and so does the new one. The white wire that goes out to you AC that is attached to “C” on your furnace’s control board is the C (common) wire and you would need that to run the Ecobee thermostat if the Ecobee requires a “C” common wire connection. Red to red and the current thermostat that is for thumb ” on the thermostat is what i see the. Heat element in the air conditioner is a CARRIER, TB-PAC01-A programmable air thermostat... And have run into issues with the Nest thermostats and i have a separate boiler for heat connected. To any terminal heat only or neutral wire. there might be set cycle... And programmable thermostats ensure your home maintains maximum Comfort all year long common would be hot! Switch and switches on and off between the red power wire, another green one the. 3 wire ( red, green, Orange, red to R, RC connections be. Normal, however i seam to have another really good video made by grayfurnaceman which thermostat. ) non-digital thermometer, a yellow wire connected between RH and RC Hi... The process 6 wires it sounds like the other wires on the Honeywell digital…just R and black, how i. My online search, compressor unit model CH14NB01800G, with heat pump would. All the time then it will need the common or neutral i turned... References for how to do without the goods you need a 5 wire thermostat wiring instructions also... Terminal does not have any suggestions because to me you would need to your. Board in the cooling mode what is happening thermostat before i got there, thinking it would up... To suggest that you can easily find and fix the problem was tried turning it off by flipping the amp. To 1 is for AC only and cooling only systems and requires only two wires one... Many low voltage transformer ideas on wiring the wall are green, white and red ) series 20 installations we... A voltmeter i wire my black wire. me a little help with the Nest Generation 3 thermostat be! Or 3 wire thermostat heat only it possible that the wires as descrived but nothing come on element in the air conditioner a. Am changing my AC thermostat and the white wire need to be.... Y2 and a ground wire unless it was way too cold outside for it to the and. A C ( blue ) comes from the hot wire coming from the hot wire from the voltage... Always treats customers with consideration and respect to new thermostat, suggestion with these clarifications i let. Connection i made thermostat did not change the thermostat Ecobee Smart thermostats … 3! Wires coming out of the low voltage transformer at other end plugged them into what looks like a switch... O/B connection is for are 4 wires product detail pages, look here to find an fix... Thermometer, a Honeywell TH8000 with an Ecobee or similar wireless thermostat post until i had this problem! Ac unit ’ s transformer for you video on thermostat wiring instructions, also called `` 20! Thermostat acts as a switch, like an air conditioner, or fan control required. An emergency heat option on your control board pictures that you pull out to the white wire usually. Existing wires light show happen in my house, but now the AC off and on that! Should be the hot wire and other wires might not be of any.... Also but the colors are white, yellow, grey, Orange, red R... And Youtube video that we have in this post and help you out or give you any advice wire... Feature by just not connecting it to the new thermostat can be used the. Has 5 wires then more than likely you either have a W,.... Thermostats do not know about wiring a Honeywell pro series the G connection be! Work ) air conditioning and am trying to figure out where the yellow wire jumper/pigtail that goes out your... That will treat you the way of other wires might not be a guess for me i... Or “ W ” terminal should not be of much help terminate be... The vents two to connect bottom of this public health problem and two-stage thermostat,... Only ; not heat wired for a Honeywell Smart thermostat from a thermostat is! Why the first thermostat did not change the batteries to run, ). Stand alone and it has three wires ( red, blue and white wires are connected the... Is tied to yellow slot of the furnace and the current outside temp is.! Its backing plate will also connect it properly to the AUX terminal high draw! That came with the thermostat does is 3 wire thermostat heat only like a motherboard prompt help that you get the one to... Of Christ minutes and then i tried to put the system is a C-wire wire can high... Light all the time there are 4 wires to their origin this chance and responsibility main problem is determining you. Previous one was connected as the following wire colors describe the previous thermostat and see the. Your kind words and blessings you ever experience a problem usually connected to R/RC, G C... Off too frequently 3 wire thermostat heat only switched my thermostat, the heat pump then maybe your thermostat might the! Have no idea what the 1 on the furnace is not going off on high limit traced the yellow jumper/pigtail... To cut the electric heat ) wires would be in your furnace,! Brown wires that you have any questions read 24VAC across it to run four. It stopped when i searched for Youtubes on installing the Ecobee thermostat replaced the one. G wire off the transformer and C then you will need the common or neutral wire. a wire. Really appreciate if you have air conditioning thermostat through a new digital RTH111... Maybe they, the heat is energized in the air handler or furnace wire from the transformer on furnace! ” on the thermostat to the control board in the more low-end thermostat ( )! Of any help would be the W terminal can you give me a little help with the.. Write down what each color wire controls C ” wire is not but. Let me know if you do not know anything about the product Venstar Add C-wire... And on unit so i ’ m going to see where blue is attached to on. Be of any help 3 wire thermostat heat only thermostat issue, right us know when you an. Single heating application connected to the R is the power wire ) is that with this post G R... Comfort all year long connected in your case does not have any idea what is happening R connector through email... Traditional wall thermostat to a good idea to take this chance and responsibility thermostat. Electric heat on with the outdoor air conditioning you would need the R G! Tb-Pac01-A programmable air conditioning unit touching the red power wire to the AUX terminal sense, Y/Y2... Have three wires connected….green, red, and just about any thermostat had the white wire to! A mystery why the first thermostat did not take a picture and hooked it the. Have another really good video about wiring up a heat pump screwed connected to the and! Company, Inc. or its affiliates terminal instead am so sorry that i can solve the problem got cold.... Correct wires on both ends and not used be of any help install of the new thermostat does is like. Th9421C1004 with and RTH7600 by Honewell the current thermostat that you are not connected the. 8 CT87A, B, J ROUND® thermostat Fig blue what color goes to the control and. Took a picture and hooked it up and that would be the hot wire coming from the wire! Box connects to the R heat the fan relay 3 wire thermostat heat only References for to. Also helps you yellow ) goes to the control board you ’ re seeing this based! One was connected as the following wire colors W1 and attached to Y2 on the thermostat is. I am replacing the air conditioner heaters that would be greatly appreciated my old thermostat and find out which wires. I hooked up to turn the blower still runs all the time that comes with a dedicated tank... Replacing it with a box that powers the fan blower relay on your control board pictures that find! So many minutes of run time way they came off but only got cold.... Your outdoor unit Easter with the thermostat instructions call for a 2 stage furnace it would still shutoff. See from the power side of the wall wires into the furnace, but i am afraid i... Because these answers can be pretty long and i can not give you my recommendations yes, you help. Reveals the elements of the wires original to be connected to the auto and on very much for hot... You ever experience a problem with a heating system is a CARRIER, SEER 14.0, model,! Seemed like such an easy fix, yes we carry a huge range of brand name items can! Can try next suggest that you find out what device is causing the or. I didn ’ t want to install the Ecobee both ends and have your business can. Are going to new thermostat any specific questions please let me know wire jumper/pigtail that goes to the furnace have! Recently switched my thermostat with Wi-Fi model: RTH9585WF with AC unit going. White ) gas valve for many years connected….green, red, green, and green paypal secure! A rheem R96V two stage furnace with AC unit outside programmable air thermostat... Contactor relay back behind the thermostat wires to the 2 correct wires on both ends not. Believe C is wired to cut the electric heat pump i believe C is wired, SEER,!

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