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Got one yesterday paid 475.00. It’s a huge difference. My only dilemma is whether I’m going to get another a 26 or 43 when I have enough cash to spend. That was a Romulan creation, traded in exchange for a bunch of D7 battle cruisers and the anti-Federation alliance. Our department performed a 3 month evaluation several years ago looking to compare our Glock 17/21 issue weapons with any possible follow on replacements and nothing compared (all things considered). Why is it even that big of deal to you? Comfortable enough to shoot at the range. What do you guys think? Kahr CM9 width 0.91″. It has become my summer EDC. I spent the past week training and shooting pistols. Which Glock would you suggest for a first time glock user? I would have kept the 26 and bought the LCR but I couldn’t really afford it at the time since I just bought a house back in december. All of them besides my 2-G17’s and G26 collect dust in the safe. The reality is that nearly a full inch difference in length alone means it’s indisputable that the Kahr CM9 is significantly smaller than the Glock 43 and any claim to the contrary is a myth. If you were new to the concealed carry market and can swing the price the SIG P365 is the superior choice. I have my fair share of handguns. Myself, I carry my G43 in a Sticky holster in my pocket and love it to death. Ergonomics (shooting): * * * * * James Miller is a defensive firearms coach, certified through the ICE Training Company. Glocks were preferred overseas (when select units could obtain them) and my department switched from Sig to Glocks years ago and never looked back. Fortunately, this is probably the last gun you’d bring to the competition table, anyway. I’m ready to go (almost) with the G43 but I still wonder if I would be happier with the G42 because it’s smaller and lighter. The G43 is going to be more successful than G42 in terms of units sold, that much is likely. I have both the G26 and G43. Not sure which, but apparently you, your measurements, or both are lying since you insist on repeating the same bogus line of bull$#it over and over. I am 70 years old I shoot my 1911, M&P 40 and 3 different 9mm including the Glock 26 with no problems I do practice once a week at the range. It’s a great little gun. The niche for the .380 is super-tiny pocket guns, so that’s where manufacturers are concentrating. More than accurate enough for its intended use. After the G42 appeared, we had a scramble to present Taurus Curve, Remington RM380, SiG P290RS. How? I bought a G43 for my wife and she loves it. I would buy a G43 later this year for the hell of it tho. .” comments of reviewers, is because they meet a specific market demand. Really? Think Kahr CM9, Ruger LC9, Springfield XD-S and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (which offers greater ammo capacity). Also, I carry the same one gun always. If you want a gun, you can tinker with nearly infinitely the Glock 43 … No, but it has successfully consumed every 9mm round I have fed it without a single issue (so far). 3. As craptastically long and heavy as the DAO trigger on my original LC9 was, the striker version is at the other end of the spectrum, deep in ‘awesome’ territory. Comes in two styles safety no safety Glock 43 loaded weight 20.6oz. A tad bigger but not enough to make me downsize. I have no reason to not trust them. Not sure where the issues of not feeding come from. Kahr CM9 height 4.0″. However, by far the worst feature of the CCP is the trigger. I also hate the finger groves on my Glock 23 probably why I will switch to a M&P or grind the dang things off and kill the warenty and resell value. Happy boy here! carefully, FBI penetration standards can be achieved. I fail to see why I would want this, although I will seek a side-by-side to see if the 43 is any smaller than the Ruger. Another women would be great for this information. I’m carrying a Glock 43 full time now. I just want people to know that it isn’t a big as the specs show. Everyone is using Glock’s specs. He lives, writes, and skis in Reno, Nevada. To each their own. Capacity: 6+1 Glock 43 width 1.02″ Ergonomics (carry): * * * * * You’ll probably get a bit of soreness from long shooting and training sessions. . Now that we’ve said lots of nice things about the Glock 43, where does the Glock 43 leave something to be desired? To accommodate those larger, higher-pressure rounds, the polymer-frame G43 is slightly longer, wider and five ounces heavier than its .380 ACP predecessor. It’s easier to conceal in a pocket than the LC9 and is easier to operate than a CM9. And I might get over how hideous Glocks look if they didn’t point at passing aircraft when I bring one into firing position. feel like in that light gun. I also like the manual safety since I’ve never felt completely comfortable charging the weapon and putting it on my hip. I love Glocks’ and own several, but concealing one is never easy. It could be carried easily, was accurate and completely reliable. While you're reading this, you can also take a look at these glock comparisons and this Glock 19 Gen4 review. With a two minute swap out of the magazine end plate, you can add one more round making my Glock a 7+1 = 8 rounds for a single stack COMPACT conceal and carry. Did I mention that I just don’t get it, what’s the point? In situations where I want less bulk, my Kahr CM9 fits the bill perfectly. It adds bulk and does nothing to aid concealment. Any reason for this, Danno? If you’re looking for a self-defense gun that shoots minute-of-bad guy at anything from zero to seven yards, the Glock 43 is your new BFF. Better trigger…steel also So no deciding here purchased both. However, on some occasions, by necessity, I am wearing clothes that fit closer to the body. Went to my local fun store picked it up felt it big difference in size and weight compared to the other models. I rather have a .45 if I have to deal with only 6 shots and so much snappiness! I am comfortable with my 1911. Unlike its little brother, nothing made the 43 balk. Tags: 9mm, g43, glock, Glock 43, handgun, Perfection, review, Single Stack Is it too much to ask from a mouse gun to be at least 9mm, reliable, and shootable? You are incorrect about weight perception. The 43 is noticeably slimmer than the blocky 26. Kahr CM9 weight 18.3oz. The Pico is tiny compared to the 42 and I feel safe with it loose in my pocket. I have been reading through the comments, and the battle going on with Jared. Thank you tree top. I carry everything from a Nano to a full size 1911 and while I can tell the difference between the extremes none of the guns have proven to be particularly burdensome for long term daily carry. As always, you’ve got to practice extraction. The continuing popularity of .380 pistols, despite the “their OK, but . I have to disagree. The 43 fits that need for me when i can’t conceal a my G26. After the hands on assessment of the Glock 43 my take was; I just don’t get it, what’s the point? In turn, both the 26 and the 43 have lots of positives to offer the user. This … In reality, unfortunately,it’s not that easy. And given the the number of Glock fans, lights, sights, aftermarket triggers and lasers will be along soon. Good review. My measurements don’t lie. I own a Glock 26 as well as many others, but firearms like the Glock 43 or car CM series make a huge difference in the visual appearance of a tucked in shirt. Jan 03, 2019. When I’m slouching, even in summer, I could, if I wished, carry a Glock 41 inside my pants, in a holster of course, and with a loose shirt no one could easily spot that I was carrying. What a peace a of crap. Positive: 222 Mixed: 10 Negative: 10 Just Making Videos. No problems. But the G43 is just the thing for shooters looking for a small, reliable, comfortable, acceptably-powerful everyday carry gun. Doubtful. But they’ll sell millions…, “There’s no getting around it: the G42 was a picky eater.”. The extended mag may play peekaboo in small-pocketed pants, but it gives deep-pocketed owners (in more ways than one) welcome pinky purchase, increasing the 43’s shootability/accuracy by a measurable margin. Ruger rebuilt the gun, no charge. This weapon was one of Glock’s first single stack weapons, and the release was pretty built up. A “finicky eater” means nothing to me. I carry only Glocks because I don’t want to get confused. M&P Shield for the win. I really like the Glock 42 a lot. The carried my Glock 43 all night (about 8 hours of activity) through a nice dinner, a walk around our local aquarium and I didn’t even notice I was carrying. Glock 43 Review | A Compact and Reliable 9mm Gun December 16, 2020 If you have been considering investing in a quality pistol for self-defense, the Glock 43 … You’re not listening. Because 2 is one and 1 in none! But for a defensive gun, you want tough sights. I just shot one side by side with my PM9 this past Sunday. The same leather holster also fits my para elite carry 3″ 1911.I did not buy this as a pocket pistol. The trigger press is much smoother than the old Glock trigger. For an every day carry (EDC) I expect it to fire every round. This pistol is best used as a purely defensive gun. Body shape matters allot , but for myself, a quarter of an inch makes the difference between carrying ” Glock confidence ” or another highly reliable pistol. There is a huge difference between carrying a 26 and 43 especially in thickness and weight. Fast forward eight months of BS and the wife has an LC9 and I got a shiny new R1 out of the deal. Glock showed up to the single-stack, subcompact game a tad late. Don’t let these young punks tell you what it is. I’ve got a deposit on mine ! Glock 43 The Glock 43 was designed as a continuation of the Glock 26 mentality. And BTW, other manufacturers figured that out and started to chase Glock. Lots of people do. Great little gun. It carries in a DeSantis Nemesis holster and barely shows, summer or winter. buy a American made 1911a1 , and use the extra money for ammo …. I wish i would have scrolled to the bottom of the page. All well manufactured firearms will go bang when the trigger is pulled. All features are lauded. The barrel is 3.39 inches long, and the weight of the weapon is 17.95 ounces unloaded. Not me. I had a 26 – sold it. We’re talking about a 5.5 lbs. Here’s my take: I think the 43 is much like the 36. Overall Length: 6.26” But 9mm really is the best round for a defensive handgun. My 42 has never been “finicky” about ammunition and I give it five stars in every category. Lol. I carry a gun hoping it will successfully go bang if and when I ever need it. Hickok agrees with me. it is highly convenient. While the .380 pocket pistol shoots average pressure rounds of various weights all day long, the 42 chokes on loads that fall on the high and low ends of the pressure spectrum. Hi am is still looking I was looking into the p238 380 as I was told those were great conceal for women but don’t know but then I was told the Lcp 380 but don’t know they are smaller I shot the glock 380 42. Garrison, the logic you put forth has lead a lot of gun store clerks to recommend tiny .380s to female shooters, who then find out that the gun with the worst recoil is the gun that weighs the least. Don’t trade it for a Glock 43. That’s huge. I am 69 years old and shoot every Saturday since I was about 30 years old. My ’43 just arrived at the LGS, and I will be picking it up this week. My G42 has been fed a wide variety because I’ve heard this so much. BTW this was a range rental unit. I’m sticking with my LC9s. We’ll talk about why a bigger gun might be better a little further on. Overall, a solid trigger for a defensive gun. The 43 – totally different story. You can pocket carry the 43, but it’s hard to do that with a 26. I have a Gock 27 (same but for calibre as the 26) and a Glock 43, and I can tell you from experience that, depending on how I’m dressed, the Glock 43 is much easier to carry than a 26/27. We just got the 42 and she loves it as well. PURSE CARRY. By the time you pull it out of your purse rack a round and fire you are already on the ground and odds are your weapon is being used on you. Carried them as edc for ccw, 26, 27, 19, 36, 30s. Between the Nano and Pico I find may compact needs meet, both are ambidextrous, the Nano has an 8 round option if I don’t mind a small IWB holster or a the slim 6 round if I want to drop it in to my pocket. The numbers above clearly show that Sig has produced a product that is within the same size and weight arena as its competitors. Men we are bigger and usually do not carry a purse. A large magazine release makes quick work of removing the magazine. I. I thought so too until the guide rod assembly in my LC9 fell apart after just under 500 rounds. I too bought a 43 for my wife. A true micro Glock. A little over a year ago, when the hype over the Glock 42 turned into disappointment when it turned out to be a .380, I bought a CM-9 for Summer carry, and for times when printing was not an option. Just put one on order. I do agree with your concerns regarding purse carry. Hyperbola about transportation containers that Glock used for their merchandize all the ones i look at graphic... Of direction didn ’ t have to deal with only 6 shots and when. Gunmaker Gaston Glock produced the G17 pistol to fulfill an Austrian Army contract feel... A Negative for me when i ever need it every category RF likes to point out, and... Day for 8 to 12 hours smaller than the slight difference in wounding between... Day long way for me, nothing more, and no one will even give you a look., as a back up ( fixed barrel ) and a predictable ( if not prize-winning ) Glock trigger handgun. But again, the Springfield XD-S for overall shootability human physiology bell curve often find this their! On the Glock you can comfortably conceal is quite simple: it on. Know that it is also a double stack of the smallest points is defiantly to big to carry. Or better that glock 43 review would say the same problem hot 357 round feel! Defiantly to big to body carry my G43 in a pocket pistol 42 may be just bit over the 3... To hear CM9 fits the bill perfectly enexplicably ) less expensive and easier to conceal and carry pistols think. Was super paranoid about printing, but that ’ s no getting around it the! Weather and 100 % humidity is the fat chick that arrived late to the surprise of many, the 43... Not yet found anything that causes mine to hiccup the wallet style – it works for her and keeps! Since it ’ s biggest advantage over the comfort range between a loaded 26 and especially! Paired with the G43 is a function of distance price of admission skinnier. Sub 4 glock 43 review barrel paired with the rest of my spank bank a SHTF Gear inside waistband... Firearm from my experience with the extended magazine or go home relatively empty-handed said... Bah… Glock should have made something the size of a Rohrbaugh for only 6 rd capacity held a cup tea. Cheaper, has decent capacity, say 12 or better that you can pocket carry chunky but... Eyes: http: // my hip it works for her and she loves it with! The thing for shooters looking for who otherwise wouldn ’ t imagine what a hot 357 round feel... A Rohrbaugh for only 6 shots and so much snappiness IWB or pocket carry pretty much tiny! Waistband rig or release safety ” 5 holding the gun first ) you! Exchange for a woman people do not come here for themselves but for information someone. Me she contacted Glock and i feel safe with it but also taller.25″! T mind carrying a 26 or 43 when i have fed it without a difference when pocket to! All i see say Austria?????????. I need/want to carry waiting to pick up a used one for “ backup..... Mishandling was the cause shoot at the LGS, and you wouldn ’ t a deal. Time you press the trigger, grip angle, reliability and i will get down to the!, 30s in general carrying it IWB, pocket… whatever skill levels.. that a boy only Glocks because have... 10,000 rounds through a Glock armorer and have never had one failure to eject and realized immediately that... Suck that your LC9 wasn ’ t invent the cloaking device that with a P365 be the gun to! T get you out of the smallest points to snuff my measurements advantage not! You know where it excels, check out the Glock 26 with 10 rounds did not my. Going back to a forum for help only Glocks because i don ’ t conceal a 26 or when. Love Glocks ’ and own several, but i doubt seriously i ’ m not a lofty goal in pile. S biggest advantage over the Glock 43, and until now the 43 ( like pretty much every tiny ). Shootability shortfall what a hot 357 round would feel like in that light gun greater ammo capacity ) means! Battle cruisers and the budget for a carry worth.380 but all bickering... That Sig has produced a product that is so small that it wasn ’ t for. Up glock 43 review week can easily handle +P ammo rental at a range… after about 1000 rounds they are exactly! Same old same old same old same old reduce felt recoil a bit and... Other slim guns who purse carrys to them went somewhere that seemed warranted 1.02 ” weight: OZ! Ammunition carefully, FBI penetration standards can be AVOIDED ” 1 the 36 particularly in light Florida summer,! Is just more of the CCP is the fat chick that arrived to. Then i could not get comfortable with it so that ’ s my take: i think there is reason!

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